Less Complications & More Successful Outcomes

See if Contoura LASIK eye surgery is right for you.

Less Complications & More Successful Outcomes

See if Contoura LASIK eye surgery
is right for you.

Are You Considering Contoura Vision in Rochester NY?

Robbins Eye is committed to delivering the highest successful outcomes with regards to vision correction results with the least complications. We do this by blending the most advanced technology available and a surgeon with the most experience and skill.

We are one of the first eye care centers in the country to offer Contoura Vision, a breakthrough quantum leap in LASIK surgery. Contoura is the game changing advance that both surgeons and patient have desired to move the bar even higher.

If you are nearsighted (difficulty seeing at a distance), and even if you also have astigmatism (imperfect curvature of the eye that can blur near and distance vision), Contoura Vision is the LASIK option most likely to give you clear vision without glasses or contact lenses. It’s the option that is the most customized to your eyes in ways never before possible.


Why Contoura Visions Correction?

In the clinical trial that led to FDA approval of Contoura Vision:

98% of patients who had the Contoura procedure said they would choose it again.

The procedure reduced complaints of glare and decreased sensitivity to light, difficulty reading, and difficulty driving at night compared with what patients were previously experiencing with their glasses or contacts

While 20/20 is considered normal vision, and 92% of patients had 20/20 or better vision after their Contoura Vision procedure. A published study established that nearly 65% of eyes treated with Contoura® Vision experienced 20/16 vision or better,while 34.4% could see 20/12 or better.  That’s not quite the 20/5 vision of an eagle but it is close and significantly better than any previously reported outcomes..

Contoura Vision correction procedure produced more successful results with fewer undesired side effects.


The Corneal Recurving is Performed With the Same Laser That Received the Best Clinical Trial Results

The ablation of tissue and actual corneal recurving is performed with the latest Wavelight EX500 Excimer Laser. This is the newest LASIK laser to receive FDA approval and has produced results in clinical trials superior to any other laser currently on the market. The EX500 also has the broadest range of treatment parameters allowing Robbins Eye to successful treat individuals that have been told elsewhere that they are not candidates. The unique combination of the Z6 Femtosecond platform combined with the tissue sparing nature of the EX500 opens the possibility of LASIK surgery to many individuals with thin corneas or stronger than average prescriptions. The WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser is the only excimer laser to operate at 500 Hz, with an average treatment time of approximately 1.4 seconds per diopter!


Why Is Contoura Vision Correction The Ultimate LASIK Procedure Available Today?

Contoura Vision is a unique topography-guided LASIK procedure because of the way it maps the eye to guide treatment. To put numbers on the differences, conventional LASIK took only two parameters to determine the treatment profile. The SMILE procedures also only incorporates only two variables to determine treatment just like an eyeglass prescription. With wavefront guided LASIK 200 data points were utilized to create a more customized surgical plan. To do so, it mixed information from the cornea and internal lens of the eye and created a mathematical solution. In contrast, Contoura LASIK procedure measures 22,000 points all obtained from the actual corneal surface that is being treated and reshaped. It doesn’t take a degree in advanced mathematics to deduce that 22,000 measurements is better than 200 measurements, especially when the data is gleaned from the actual surface being treated.

The Wavelight EX-500 excimer laser takes the measurements and uses them to produce a treatment pattern that polishes and smoothes the cornea so all of the light rays passing through it reach the retina at the back of the eye uniformly. The end result is better vision in bright and dim lighting.


What To Expect With Contoura LASIK

The Contoura Vision procedure typically lasts less than fifteen minutes.  Most patients report feeling little or no pain throughout the surgery.

Your candidacy for Contoura Vision depends on a thorough evaluation by an experienced LASIK surgeon to determine if the procedure is the correct one for you.

During your free initial LASIK and eye evaluation, Our staff  will talk with you about whether you are a candidate  and determine if Topography-Guided Laser Vision Correction is right for your needs.