Are You a Candidate for LASIK?

Are You Suffering from Dry Eyes?

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Do Any of the Following Ever Happen To You?

Are your eyes dry and itchy? Sometimes red and almost have a burning sensation? Do your eyes seem to always been watery?

If you answered yes to any of these, we should talk about the condition commonly known as Dry Eye Syndrome or DES. Any or all of the above symptoms may be caused by a deficiency of the tear water layer, oil layer or a combination of both.

We see a large number of these cases at our Rochester Dry Eye Center. Partially, because the problem is so much worse here than many other areas. Think about it. Rochester has a pretty dry climate, not only in the summer but most certainly in the winter. If you are having any of the following issues than you like have Dry Eye Symptoms.

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Rochester Dry Eye Treatment

Robbins Eye has been designated a Center of Excellence for Dry Eye Treatments in Rochester NY. Robbins Eye has introduced a battery of new diagnostic tests such as tear osmolarity to analyze the quality of your tears, Meiboscan and LipiView II. For the very first time we are able to visualize and analyze the important oil glands that are such a vital part of the tear film equation. After a series of simple evaluations, we will be able to determine the likely cause of your dry eye, and outline the best treatment options for you.

Robbins Eye was the first center in the region to offer Lipiflow, an FDA-approved treatment for DES. Lipiflow is the only FDA approved treatment proven safe and effective for Evaporative Dry Eye, which affects 9 out of 10 dry eye cases. Medications such as Restasis are helpful in select cases.

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What Is LipiFlow?

LipiFlow is the only FDA-cleared device for removing gland blockages and restoring gland function. Through advances in the application of Vectored Thermal Pulsation (VTPTM) technology, the LipiFlow treatment utilizes a patented algorithm of heat applied to the inner eyelids and massage to remove the obstructions in your meibomian glands.

Dry Eye FAQs