Rochester LASIK Surgeon Announces New Vision Procedure


Rochester NY LASIK Surgeon, Allan Robbins MD, Announces “Revolutionary” Contoura Vision, a Topography-Guided Laser Vision Correction Procedure

Robbins Eye is one of the first LASIK practices in upstate NY area to begin performing a new laser vision correction procedure designed to optimize the results of LASIK

Robbins Eye, a Rochester NY based specialty refractive care practice, that specializes in LASIK procedures announced today the availability of a new LASIK procedure.

Contoura Vision is a unique topography-guided LASIK procedure because of the way it maps the eye to guide treatment. Whereas, conventional LASIK measured only two parameters to determine the treatment profile and wavefront guided LASIK measures 200 data points, the Contoura LASIK procedure measures 22,000 points all obtained from the actual corneal surface that is being treated and reshaped..

The procedure reduced complaints of glare and decreased sensitivity to light, difficulty reading, and difficulty driving at night compared with what patients were previously experiencing with their glasses or contacts. In the FDA clinical trials a higher percentage of patients saw significantly better than with their spectacles or contacts prior to surgery than in any previous study.

Robbins Eye is committed to delivering the highest successful outcomes with regards to vision correction results with the least complications. This involves blending the most advanced technology available, a dedicated staff with decades of experience and a surgeon exceptional skills.

Robbins Eye has been at the forefront of the laser vision correction market for decades, having participated in the original FDA clinical trials that approved the use of a laser to correct vision dating back to the early 90’s. Since that time millions of Americans have undergone LASIK laser vision correction to reduce, or eliminate, their need for cumbersome optical aids such as glasses and contact lenses.

Dr. Robbins says, “Contoura™ Vision is currently the most advanced laser vision correction platform in the world. Although prior technology was effective with minimal errors in vision correction, Contoura™ Vision takes the treatment one step further. I believe it’s the best technology available to optimize results and minimize any complications.”

About Robbins Eye

Robbins Eye is recognized as a leader in refractive vision correction procedure including LASIK, PRK, Raindrop corneal inlays for near vision and premium refractive intraocular implants. They are have offices in Webster and Hornell NY. As one of the leading eye care centers in both areas, the doctors and staff have helped tens of thousands of people enjoy better vision. With over five decades of combined experience, they stay at the leading-edge of ophthalmic surgery technology and procedures, and are committed to delivering the best possible eye care treatment to their patients.
Robbins Eye is also full service when it comes to many other general eye care needs such as routine eye exams, contact lens fitting and other ophthalmologic needs.


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