Rochester NY LASIK Doctor, Allan Robbins MD, Announces Raindrop Near Vision Inlay, a New Vision Procedure, That Improves Near Vision For Those With Presbyopia

Robbins Eye, is One of The First Rochester Based LASIK Doctors to Offer the Procedure

Rochester, NY — (August 1, 2017) – Robbins Eye, a Rochester NY based specialty refractive care practice, that specializes in LASIK procedures announced today the availability of a new surgical procedure to improve near vision.

The Raindrop Near Vision Inlay offers a unique refractive surgery solution. The Raindrop Inlay improves near vision that has been lost through the eye’s natural aging process called presbyopia. The Raindrop Near Vision Inlay provides a new surgical option for near-vision enhancement.

Presbyopia is a natural part of the aging process that decreases the ability of the eye to focus on near objects; it affects more than 150 million Americans over the age of 40, according to U.S. Census Bureau. Many people with presbyopia find themselves using inexpensive reading glasses to read fine print.

Robbins Eye is committed to delivering the highest successful outcomes with regards to vision correction results with the least complications. This involves blending the most advanced technology available, a dedicated staff with decades of experience and a surgeon exceptional skills.

“More Americans are seeking out options to reduce the hassle of reading glasses by correcting presbyopia through outpatient procedures,” said Dr. Allan Robbins. “It was very satisfying to listen to the initial patients, who received the Raindrop Near Vision Inlay recently, explain how excited they were to see fine print the day after surgery. They could hardly contain themselves.”

About the Raindrop Near Vision Inlay

  • The Raindrop Near Vision Inlay is placed in the cornea of the non-dominant eye during a 10-minute procedure.
  • The Raindrop is comprised of approximately 80% water and has a refractive index very similar to the cornea. It is transparent and therefore does not restrict the amount of light reaching the retina.
  • The inlay is about the size of a pinhead and is less than half the thickness of a human hair. It mimics the properties of the natural cornea and changes the central curvature of the eye to improve near vision.
  • A recent survey of surgeons performing the Raindrop Inlay procedure found them unanimously likely to recommend Raindrop to another surgeon and 94 percent were satisfied with patient outcomes.

About Robbins Eye

Robbins Eye is recognized as a leader in refractive vision correction procedure including LASIK, PRK, Raindrop corneal inlays for near vision and premium refractive intraocular implants. They are have offices in Webster and Hornell NY.  As one of the leading eye care centers in both areas, the doctors and staff have helped tens of  thousands of people enjoy better vision. With over five decades of combined experience, they stay at the leading-edge of ophthalmic surgery technology and procedures, and are committed to delivering the best possible eye care treatment to their patients.

Robbins Eye is also full service when it comes to many other general eye care needs such as routine eye exams, contact lens fitting and other ophthalmologic needs.


Christina Newton – Practice Administrator


Lisa Eblacker – Surgery Coordinator

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Rochester Surgeon, Allan Robbins MD, Has The Solution – Raindrop Near Vision Inlay


As anyone who has struggled with the on and off hassle of readers knows, having the ability to focus on the details of life is priceless. Raindrop® Near Vision Inlay improves near and intermediate* vision by simply reshaping the front part of the eye. Raindrop is a small transparent disc called an inlay. In a quick, LASIK-like procedure the Raindrop is designed to help you regain your near vision without the need for reading glasses.

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