What is a secondary cataract?

Clouding of the residual back wall of the cataract or posterior capsule is common months to years after surgery. We are able to treat this condition with our YAG laser. Dr. Robbins was one of the first surgeons in New York to utilize the YAG laser to treat the condition. The laser creates a small [...]

What are the most common risks with cataract surgery?

Cataract surgery is a routine procedure with very little risk of side effects and a comparatively low risk of infection. Although complications are not common, risks include excessive inflammation, clouding of the cornea, swelling of the central retina (macula), retinal detachment, bleeding, and dislocation of the implant. Your doctor will discuss additional risk factors that [...]

How can I minimize the effects of cataracts?

Cataracts can be especially hard on vision in direct sunlight, you may want to wear darkening sunglasses and a sun visor to control glare when outside. They also can adversely affect night vision. Avoid driving at night especially when it is raining and on poorly lighted roads.

How do I know if my cataracts are advanced enough to need surgery? Do I need to wait for them to become ripe?

There is a common misconception that cataracts need to be “ripe” before they can be removed and vision improved. In most cases the indication for surgery is the individual is becoming functionally impaired by the resultant decrease in vision. If the cataracts are impairing one’s lifestyle and optical aids will not significantly improve vision, cataract [...]

What are cataracts? Is it a film on or inside my eye?

Cataracts result when the natural lens inside the eye loses its transparency. It is not a film or additional layer. For most people the natural lens inside the eyes functions exquisitely for the first 4 to 5 decades of life. As the lens thickens and loses clarity spectacles can compensate for the loss of function [...]

Is surgery my only option to get rid of cataracts?

Unfortunately, there are currently no other successful treatments for cataracts other than surgery. If you feel you are not mentally ready for surgery, new glasses may provide some temporary improvement in vision.