People with Dry Eye may have scratchy, sandy-gritty irritation or burning in their eyes. Initially people may have symptoms when exposed to extremely dry environments such as that seen in airplane cabins or after long days driving in their car, or with contact lens wear. Sometimes there is no irritation but just occasionally redness of the eyes or intermittent tearing. A very common symptom of Dry Eye is intermittent blurring of vision.

Over time the symptoms may become worse upon awakening or in some cases worsen later in the day. Symptoms alone are usually insufficient to make a definitive diagnosis. Robbins Eye utilizes special tests to make a scientific diagnosis. These tests include Schirmer Test, tear film osmolarity, InflammaDry, meiboscan, tear break up time and Lipiview. Robbins Eye is the first Center for Excellence for Dry Eyes in the Rochester area.