How long will it take for me to recover after LASIK?

The recovery time after LASIK can vary from person to person and is somewhat dependent on your prescription. Most patients see well enough the day following surgery to drive themselves to the office and return to work. Everyone is different when it comes to healing and some individuals particularly with stronger prescriptions may take considerably [...]

Can a person with an Astigmatism have LASIK surgery?

For the vast majority of eyes, astigmatism can be successfully treated. Many years ago, when laser technology was in its infancy, astigmatism was difficult to correct. Even today most lasers currently available can only treat up to 3 units of astigmatism. The  latest generation of the Allegretto Wavelight utilized by Dr. Robbins is FDA approved [...]

What are cataracts? Is it a film on or inside my eye?

Cataracts result when the natural lens inside the eye loses its transparency. It is not a film or additional layer. For most people the natural lens inside the eyes functions exquisitely for the first 4 to 5 decades of life. As the lens thickens and loses clarity spectacles can compensate for the loss of function [...]

Is surgery my only option to get rid of cataracts?

Unfortunately, there are currently no other successful treatments for cataracts other than surgery. If you feel you are not mentally ready for surgery, new glasses may provide some temporary improvement in vision.