What are the odds of eliminating my glasses completely?

With the newest technology using our Wavelight Allegretto laser, over 99% of our patients, after treatment achieve 20/40 or better vision without glasses or contacts (which is good enough to pass the driver’s license test) and over 90% have 20/20 or better vision without glasses or contacts. If you are over 45 years old and [...]

How safe is laser eye treatment such as LASIK?

When performed by a board-certified ophthalmic surgeon preferably with special additional training in Cornea like Dr. Robbins using state of the art equipment, LASIK treatments are extremely safe. Like any surgical procedure, the risk for complications is real. Not only is important to do everything possible to avoid complications, but the surgeon must recognize that [...]

I’ve talked with several LASIK doctors, and it seems all of them have different  Laser machines, and each one says that their laser is the best. What is the real story?

This boils down to the same reason not all laptops are the same. Or not all cars are the same. All lasers that are used in the United States must be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but they are of varying quality and offer different levels of performance and features. The Allegretto [...]

What risks and complications are there with LASIK?

There are a few main complications that patients should be aware of. Of course, other problems are possible.  Here are a few: 1) Need for possible future LASIK procedure called an enhancement. No laser system yields 20/20 vision or optimal results 100% of the time. To some degree this is due to variations in healing [...]

Is LASIK considered a safe procedure?

There have been millions of people treated with LASIK and for the most part the risk of serious complication is very low, much less than 1 percent. Some studies have even shown that LASIK procedures have less complications than wearing contact lenses.

Does the type of laser used matter?

Yes the type of laser is an enormous consideration in deciding which doctor to use. Modern laser systems are much more consistent with refined treatment technology that achieves significantly better results. The Allegretto Wavelight EX500 has a wavefront optimized treatment profile with a unique blend zone and larger effective optical zones. It also has the [...]

What if I blink or move my eye during the procedure?

Your eye is gently held open by an instrument, so it’s virtually impossible for you to close your eye during the procedure. During the actual tissue removal with the laser (ablation) the Allegretto Wavelight system uses a sophisticated tracking system that measures the position of your eye hundreds of times per second. The laser follows [...]

Is there data on long-term side effects?

There is excellent, consistent, repeatable data going back to the late 80s and early 90s confirming excellent long term results. Dr. Robbins has been performing refractive surgery for over 20 years and participated in the FDA clinical trials for PRK. The stability of the outcome of LASIK has been proven in multiple clinical studies and [...]

My prescription has changed, can I still have LASIK?

A stable prescription is but one of the criteria we use to determine who is a suitable candidate for LASIK. In most cases your prescription stops changing in your late teens to early 20’s. We often can tell during a free consultation if your prescription is stable. Records from prior eye exams or old glass [...]

How long will it take for me to recover after LASIK?

The recovery time after LASIK can vary from person to person and is somewhat dependent on your prescription. Most patients see well enough the day following surgery to drive themselves to the office and return to work. Everyone is different when it comes to healing and some individuals particularly with stronger prescriptions may take considerably [...]