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Before Laser Vision Correction

Dr. Robbins is THE man!

Unfortunately, I am not a candidate for Laser Vision Correction Rochester NY but when my wife Doreen expressed interest in getting her eyes fixed, the ONLY place I would recommend is Dr. Robbins.

It is your eyes…you can’t play!

It’s been years since she had the surgery and Doreen’s vision is still PERFECT!

Dr. Robbin’s has the latest technology and quite honestly, the best reputation in our great city! I wouldn’t go anywhere else for laser eye surgery!

Brother Wease - Morning Radio Host 95.1

After Laser Vision Correction Rochester NY

Dr. Allan Robbins, at Western New York’s Robbins Laser Site, performed my Lasik vision correction surgery. The results were excellent. In my career field, I didn’t want to wear contacts or glasses. The flawless procedure restored my vision to better than 20/20. I am extremely satisfied with the results, and like to thank Dr. Robbins and his staff for their professionalism, and trustworthiness.

I strongly recommend Robbins Laser Site to any future laser eye surgery candidate.

Andy Parrino - MLB San Diego Padres

Over 10,000 Satisfied Patients, Let’s See What Some Have To Say?

It is hard in mere words to describe what Dr. Alan Robbins has done for me. He has, through his expertise as a Lasik surgeon, parted the fog through which I peered for most of my life. He has given me the summer’s day, the starry night and the baby’s smile. He has enhanced and perfected my most important sense, and thereby given me a fuller, happier life. He gave me perfect sight, and that is nothing short of miraculous.
He has also been a friend, and a principled, trustworthy business associate.

I recommend him, and thank God for him.

Bob Lonsberry - Radio, Television and Newspaper Professional
I’d just like to say thanks to EVERYONE @ Robbins Eye for helping me see the world around me again. I was pretty much blind in my left eye and my right eye wasn’t fairing much better.
The fact that I don’t need corrective lenses for anything other than the smallest text is a testament to the professionalism and expertise of Dr Robbins and his staff. My eyesight is everything to me so thank you again for returning my eyesight to me.
Douglas Yeomans - Famous Guitar Player
All I can say is WOW. My experience with Dr. Robbins and his staff was out-of-this world. From my first consultation to the day of my surgery I’ve never felt MORE comfortable in my entire life! (and I sleep naked). I went from dealing with those pain-in-the-a** contact lenses to PERFECT 20/15 vision.
Having life-changing bladeless LASIK surgery at Robbins Eye is as easy as waking up and opening your eyes. Thank you, Dr. Robbins, for my perfect sense of sight.
Chris Konya - Morning Radio Personality on 98.9 The Buzz
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